Syria: the key questions

by Mik Bulk, International journalist of repute

journalistA journalist (me) got given special access to the Syrian president, Assad, the Syrian President [must check this].

In his palace, where’d I’d gone, I saw him, and went over to him.

He was drinking something and talking to a woman, his wife it hasn’t yet transpired.

Up close, he was handsome and spoke like I do, and I started off by asking him how he was.

When he answered I asked him about the killings that some say he as ordered on his behalf.

He said he hadn’t. I think I said I understood. But then he waved away the other questions I hadn’t asked and we talked about my life.

His wife, if it turns out it was, went away. Then I said: “Your palace is very nice.”

He beamed then said he was going to bed.

I went to the balcony to write up this special story on my iPad.

When I couldn’t get any wireless I spoke to the palace IT team.

Anyway, the sun came up and the city looked terrific.

It is hard to tell what is going on in Syria, probably at the best of times, but I don’t think the president is the be all and end of all that he’s been made to be up to be.

But perhaps we’ll never know. Luckily there will always be those perhaps like myself who are journalists that can find the story behind the event.

We need me, perhaps even more than even I know.

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