She wants a boyfriend, and who won’t do it (?), we ask

by award-winning journalist Mik Bulk
journalistA poor lass in Harold can’t, she says, get a boyfriend, and is trying to.

Jennifer Blatsford has been on the hunt for a man for 16 weeks – ! – and has gone through it all.

Now she’s using the internet – and no responses – despite being, what they say is, very, very hot and nice.

Sexy Jennifer, 26, a nurse, told me at the office on the phone that she’s “dying for fun” with a man of her dreams.

I joked: “I’m free,” I laughed. But she laughed back: “Not you!”

Anyway, the whole town is behind her. Her vital signs are 23-44-23 [check this]; she has auburn hair to her shoulders; and, her words, a beautiful chest.

All the young men must be foaming reading about this I thought as I typed it up.

But it’s not sexism to worry about a young girl who just happens to have smooth legs, a bottom and flexible boobs – again, her words.

But why no boyfriend? “I think all the men out there are bent,” she giggled to me later when we met after the call.

I told her “I’m not” and she laughed a little more.

“Aren’t you worried about the horror stories you hear connected to the internet dating sites,” I suggested to her(?)

Unmoved, she giggled: “Chance would be a fine thing!”

And what on earth does that mean?

Here at the paper we wish Lucy all the best in her hunt. Surely someone will (wink wink, nudge, wink).

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