Reviewed: Mik Bulk’s review of the year in review

by Mik Bulk – looking forward to looking back on the year since a year ago


With 2015 now behind us and what’s next about to flare, I thought it apt to use my skills to look back in the hope that through those skills we will be able to see what we see when we loom forward becomes all too apparent and helps us see it better.

The year started with trouble which I reported on. Going back on those notes, I feel sick (and troubled) and very troubled. Ha, in one margin I have written in pen “It’ll be a year of events” (!) – (And could I have been anymore on the money than that)?

By the time of the Easter time, many knew what they had suspected all along. But now – was it all too late?

It was always going to be a year of big things – and the year itself proved it! Beyond doubt.

I look sadly from my bedroom window at the late night sunset on the sad road outside on this midyear day (this is what I was thinking earlier in the year, not now) and a shudder goes up me as I consider.

After another “Great Summer in the British Isles” the summer ended and the world started to get even a little more darker. We looked to abroad for comfort but found little so looked inward where we found even lesser. Oh these are the days that we are alive, I see that I noted.

Before we and I knew it, Autumn came for us. Walking with my journal(ist’s) pad under the fallen leaves that scrunch as I go about, I note furiously: “Maybe Carl Marks was right on this occasion. Or even Chairmen Mow. Or even President Puta, or even Anna Rind, or even James Franco who killed so many when he killed his fellow Spanish. Basically: who knows who is right in such a world?” And that was my notes then, and this now is my thoughts about the notes of which I have none.

The year, drastically, started to come to a close – basically right up to now and me writing about it. Looking back by reading what I have written above, I’ll think you’ll agree: It’s been outrageous.

Let’s hope that 2014 [check this] holds a greater sum total for everyone. That’s what us all want surely?

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