Committee: diseased to the core (town’s poverty), says committee

by winner of the national journalism of the year award winner, Mik Bulk

journalistA committee has urged Rufus D. Jackson to tackle Harold’s poverty problems, it has warned.

A 12-month consultation has ended with the emergence of a damning report, which might be a wake-up call. The Harold Mayor was revealed to the report at a council meeting during Monday.

Green Party councillor, Cllr Abbott Frengel, said the revelation(s) was(were) just what he’d been complaining about for months. Cllr Frengel, who has AIDs [look into this], said: “Mayor Jackson has added to poverty by creating it with his policies,” he said.

The committee was chaired by a high-up housing executive from within the town’s planning division. Controversially the report said that the Mayor’s ‘No Second Night Out’ policy had yet to grow fruit.

Mr Jackson won power in a landslide some time ago.

We (I) contacted the HTC (Harold Town Council) (HTC) for a statement/comment and are still awaiting a response.

Rufus has been accused of fathering several children by women across his ward, though his office say that that is a “private matter” and would not be drawn. But the report won’t make easy reading for the Mayor. Homelessness has risen well over the odds since he seized power.

Though like-able, what will he do? At a speech before the NHF at the museum he arrested some of the problems but left some wanting more action, even though they felt he was popular.

The reports author, who has since left the committee, perhaps summed it up best in his conclusive comments: “Maybe we shouldn’t afford to let the town worsen.”

But tomorrow is a new day, and we’ll see.

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