Gulp this down, patients told

journalist  by Mik Bulk

Controversial measures drawn up by local government with the urging of central government has applied force upon regional authorities to take up the scheme.

Patients at Harold Hospital, Staffs, in Berkshire, (near Norfolk) an NHS outfit, are being given the drug, of which will be explained next.

The drug, or medicine, an American potion, called Triablothene, has been called a “panacea” by chiefs – but tests are yet to happen yet.

Opening a new ward – and coincidentally ill – was former Man Utd football player, Jesper Blomqvist.

He said: “I’ve had the drug.”

The hospital has been smeared by media coverage as a consequence of bad stories of its treatment record.

Hundreds have died in its “clinically despicable, sepulchral passages,” so said Labour.

But patients who don’t obey are being asked to move on – and find other hospitals!

But is this acceptable? Of course not snapped the building’s general.

Government refuses to acknowledge any faults with itself and wants to close the hospital down.

“PFI is the answer,” a Tory told me during an online blog-debate.

But we will cover unfolding events more next week if it fails and more patients are killed.

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