The Question: EU or not EU – EU is the question{?}

by Mik Bulk, reporting his thoughts, as they happen.

journalistThe EU (The EU Union): The Great Big Blight of Europe. That is how – or perhaps we should ask ‘why?’ – our own great blight, Shakepear, might have coined it. And lest we forget…

But now I start – all journalists at some point in their career will ask itself(s) the same question: What is Europe, and how can I correctly write right?

I am no different, of course. But then again I’m different. Whence lucidly I recall being sent to Belgium in the 1890s to review the so-called ‘beer buying craze’ and, I think, The Blur were playing as part of a ‘Brit(ish) invasion (culturally, I think, no doubt) of the lower Eurosphere. But none of that matters, and neither am I sure about it either.

What matters now is: The EU (Europe): Friend or ally: User or Using: Place: Thing: Island.?

To understand this, which must be almost as difficult for you as it is for me, we must travel back to the Second War. During that (war) our alliance with Germany was devastated (by war) yet we rose as friends to create a modern business venture that increased our understanding of one another’s needs……………..

…………………….or so they thought!!!! [Empathise added (mine)]


Yes: no, they were wrong. The Europhile dream was nothing but a slice of bitter butter, after all. And so it went on.

Meanwhile, today the list of Euro-pean countries seems so long: Spain, Wales, Austria, Spain, Poland, the ones near the centre, Egypt, the list goes on, Italy, Spain.
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So everyone gets my point. [?].: Europe is hard to talk about at the best of times, and no one understands – even when the writing [about it] is perspirant.

The Europe Union brings out the writer in all of us perhaps – and I am the same. Here: [Write poem]

And then there’s Greece: Europe’s most central country, and yet a ‘non-monetary’ one; one that can’t ‘make the coin spin(s)’.

What could be said about Greece would take more than I could think of to write: which tells you almost everything you need to know. Almost.

But in the meanwhile, as secretary Ian Dennis Smith said while appearing on my radio this morning, and which I, personally, recall, about the EU, of which we know so little but so much, and, we should remember, is part of us but also not part of us, to which I conclude:

The decision is now final – and will soon be concluded.

(I can’t tell you how to vote, ethically, but also, I can’t tell you how to vote, literally, because I am beyond it [just a humble journalist, telling my truth])

(But remember you must vote, if you have to)

But this is the real end: How did TES Elio’t put it, or even might have done?:

“I will show EU in a few handfuls of dust”

And even I’m (the writer is) scared by how thoughtful and clever that [what I just wrote] is.

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