Top journalism award for journalist

by winner of another award, the top local journalist award, Mik Bulk

journalistA Liverpool hairdresser working in Harold has been given a real boost thanks to an initiative by her local authority.

Harold Village Council has awarded Clare Squim a £3.5 billion grant [check this] to develop her business, Cutterz.

The jolly scouse has been chopping hair in the village for only eight months and nearly a year.

The money will go towards more scissors, and a new shop she would like to open a mile away from the one she has.

And it’s stories like this one that no doubt contributed to my award I received last night at the Journalism Awards where I won Top Local Journalist 2012 for writing last year.

Collecting my award I thanked my editor and my colleagues. It was presented to me by Camilla Cavendish from The Times, which I believe she writes for.

She was also a winner, coming second in the national woman category.

My colleagues at my table thanked me and watched me drink the champagne I won.

My editor was very proud too. Mum said: “He’s done it again! He’s the pride of the office!”

Ms Cavendish came up to me after in the toilet and requested to meet me in the car park, which I think we all know what she meant.

But when I went to meet her she never arrived even though I waited for 40 minutes.

So anyway, I went home instead – my ears buzzing with the champagne and the satisfaction.

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