American Election 2015: Who’s [whose?] to [too?] Win?

by Mik Bulk, a local journalist in a global planet

journalistWith so much fervour gaily aswish abroad, I felt it high-tide that I mobilised my journalism and became international with it (my journalism) by taking the USA by storm.

Now currently in the USA presently a big storm has flared up at this time, namely: President Trump, of which more later.

President Trump, it appears, is on a one-way trip to the presidency. But his tub-standing wretorick [check spelling, meaning] has seen his uneventful rise produce resentment beyond him.

Within America (USA (the)), a Democratic democracy or a Republic democracy is the annual choice of voters, many of whom flee to vote sites or similar to cast their votes or choices.

To gain perspective and to find out what I could do, I used the phone by my side to reach out. I paced myself as I dialled, knowing that you cannot and must not rush journalism. The man or men I actually spoke to said ‘This is a vegetarian restaurant’ which puzzled me and of which more later. The ‘vegetarian restaurant’ it turned out when I rang back was indeed just that – and in Hartlepool! Clearly I had phoned a UK number – and not very well! But a perfect journalist always tells the truth – even or especially when its (he’s) failed!

Frustrated but fine within myself, I marched ‘arrogantly’ to the ’typing pool’ where the ’subs’ are. No ‘one’ was in, it “being” late. But of course I was working to American (US) time and was alone. Luckily I could remain self-embracing, and cooed pleasantly as I imagined being humbled as I typed later about myself.

It was getting later and the moon was shining in the old office. Then suddenly I remembered the so-called ‘Journalist’s Friend’ and turned on the TV. But Ceefax, if that was its name, didn’t seem to be available so, flummoxed, I sat down and wondered how anything ever gets done anymore.

Listlessly, I listed the USA Presidents I remembered. I knew I remembered the Clinton brothers, Dixons, Richards and, I think I’m right, a Higgins.

But in a way it doesn’t matter what President Trump says, thinks or acts: the present president presides and He [check this] remains the numero ono. So perhaps the best we can say or indeed do is just wait and see what happens when we indeed wait.

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