Marmite Obituary: Love it or hate her?

marmite thatcherFollowing its decline in the past few years, Marmite is no more. The spread is probably known for splitting people into one of two opposing groups. ‘You either love it, or hate her it.

Since its conception at the beginning of the 20th century, she Marmite was always destined to go from humble beginnings to unimaginable levels of greatness. Anybody that sampled it in the early days would have been amazed at what a stubborn, divisive and, in some quarters, popular person product it would become.

One of the things that made Marmite stick out in the early days was that what you saw on the outside was not necessarily what you got. She It initially seems as though the old thing could be 100% cow, however all tests have proven there is no meaty substance to her it at all.

During the seventies, a test to see what she it was really made of had one surprising result. The result of the test showed that Marmite was not a very good source of calcium for schoolchildren.

As the years passed, lovers of Marmite noticed that she it was getting stronger and more powerful. In the eighties this had the side effect of leaving a very rancid taste in the mouths of the haters. During this period it began to make an impression in international markets, with a successful targeted campaign in South America. Although this campaign was praised across the world, at home Maggies Marmite’s strength meant it was not allowed anywhere near mineors

In the nineties the strength of Maggie Marmite was reduced but some feel its her reputation amongst the haters was irreparably damaged. The next 20 years past but some of the stains left in the early days could not be washed out. In one of its last appearances, it was pictured in Downing Street with David Cameron, proving that despite its age, it still went well with cheese.