Cut that hair hippy! How adults can spread nits

latexPeople think of nits as a kid’s problem and it usually is – I have a whole shampoo bottle full of the little critters from the outbreak at the Nursery last week. But adults can spread nits too, especially if they have long hair and don’t wash much.

Vegetarian food may be healthy, but how healthy is it when you go to a café and the long-haired proprietor passes you a serving of nits along with the berry smoothie and tofu wrap that was frankly overpriced at £7.99? And how healthy is it when the local GP has to close his practice for 3 days because he and all his staff and patients have nits?

I am a great believer of “prevention is better than the cure”, and perhaps the long-haired café owner’s parents should have thought of that when they had unprotected drug-fuelled sex 45 years ago. But failing that, the café owner should have had his hair cut long ago, and probably attended to his genital warts while he was at it.

Speaking of haircuts, Sally from Sally’z Cut’z has kindly offered to give half price number one clipper cuts to all Harold residents plagued by nits – just present your Veggie! Veggie! Veggie! receipt to claim the offer.


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