One weird anti-aging trick – food tips to keep you young

Dear Brenda,

My husband is always saying I’m starting to show my years and I’ve heard that the food we eat can have a big effect on how old we look. I’m at my wits’ end…What foods help reduce aging?

Saggy, Harold


sexy brenda Dear Saggy,

This is a question I get asked a lot, and while there is no one weird trick or anti-aging diet, there are ways to use food to slow down the mother-nature’s clock a little.

They say you’re as old as you feel, and so imaginative ways of using food is one way to feel younger. And one way of using food imaginatively is to take care of your physical needs, not just your nutritional ones.

Many women reach for a cucumber or a carrot to pleasure their hot, moist, yearning love holes, but have you thought about using an aubergine, Sue?
The skin is smoother, the girth is generous and the firm yet slightly yielding flesh is perfect for your intimate play-time. If you’re not naturally dripping wet like me, or if you need a little help to get used to the size of the aubergine, I’d recommend a natural lubricant like olive oil – extra virgin if it’s your first time.

And don’t forget your boobs, Sue! With your free hand, try rubbing fists full of minced lamb over your stiff nipples and massaging the fresh, moist meat into your beautiful D-cup breasts as they heave with raw animal pleasure, perhaps with a little oregano to add a little spice to your bedroom frolics.

A few garlic cloves can make an interesting change from boring old anal beads – but don’t overdo the garlic if you’re meeting your boss or an important client the next day (and he or she is going to be rimming you).
(And he or she isn’t fond of garlic).

Give it a try…you’ll feel invigorated, you’ll feel youthful, and you’ll be half way to a moussaka your next dinner guest will never forget!

I’ll bring the wine!


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