Jailed for menacing messages about Gina Miller and for being a prick

Be carefull in the showers, Millord

In a landmark judgement, “Lord St Davids”, Rhodri Colwyn Philipps has been jailed for being a prick.

Philipps had been found guilty of being a prick at an earlier hearing, when he refused to stand up in court until being addressed as Lord St Davids.

Sentence had been adjourned until his trial on charges of sending menacing messages. He was duly convicted on Monday but generously allowed to go home and pack his tooth brush, pyjamas and spare pants, and teddy bear.

Although Philipps’ posts had been menacing and potentially divisive, the unintended consequences included uniting most of the country in a collective sense of justice being served today.

As Philipps was led out of the dock by custody officers, the District Judge asked him briefly to wait, whilst she reminded him of his refusing to respond until properly addressed by his formal title.

“Good luck trying that approach with the prison officers tonight. And with Big Ron in the showers tomorrow morning. You prick.”

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