ADVERTISEMENT: Wealthy former MP seeks position near Richmond


Are we related? Do you own a magazine? I could be your man

Unexpectedly back on the market, due to circumstances entirely within my control.

Have own ego, sense of entitlement, and a willingnes to travel as far as Kingston upon Thames if necessary, for the right post.

Have own dog-whistle and recent experience of high profile dog-whistling. Might suit right-wing political campaigning group, looking to increase its media coverage by employing a photogenic, eccentric, multi-millionaire, with lovely eyes but some sincererity issues.

Have experience of editing rich uncle’s magazine. So, if we’re related by birth, marriage or a close proximity on the Sunday Times rich-list, and you own a magazine, please send the keys of the office and I’ll try to make a start early in the new year.

Born (silver spoon)
Eton (expelled)
Travel (all over the shop; see ‘born’)
Editor (uncle’s magazine)
Inherited (loads)
Mayor of London (failed)
Conservative MP (resigned)
Independent MP (failed)
Lottery of Life (multiple winner)

Interested? Please contact Zac on 01998 434434

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