Theresa May promises to listen to Nicola Sturgeon before ignoring her

Britain's new Prime Minister Theresa May (L) is greet by Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (R) as she arrives for talks at Bute House, in Edinburgh, on July 15, 2016. Theresa May visited Scotland for talks with the First Minister less than 48 hours after taking office as British prime minister. / AFP PHOTO / Lesley MartinLESLEY MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images

Sturgeon checks if May is a Freemason

Theresa May says she is “willing to listen to options” on Scotland’s relationship with the EU as long as Nicola Sturgeon understands she won’t actually be doing anything about it or changing her mind.

Indeed, so as to avoid any misunderstanding, the PM insisted that Sturgeon tick a box agreeing to May’s terms and conditions, before she’d let discussions begin.

The new PM showed the importance she attaches to Scotland, by flying to Edinburgh within two days of taking over the top job. “It’s only by listening to the Scots” explained Mrs May “that I’ll know how best to ignore them and cause maximum resentment. It’s more fun that way.”

In particular, Mrs May won’t consider a second referendum on Scottish independence, as people in Scotland sent a “very clear message” in 2014. “It’s tough; if they don’t like it, they should have voted the other way. That’s it for the next 400 years.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said blocking a referendum, if wanted by the Scottish people, would be “completely wrong” and although thePM agrees with that assessment, she says this wasn’t her main aim and was “just a little bonus”.

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