Can you help solve the mystery of Harold’s deadliest aquarium?


Can you help balance the scales of justice?

A new village aquarium is already facing closure, after the majority of its exhibits were found dead.

Built with money from a European grant to put ‘a big fish tank in every community’, Harold’s ‘See Sealife’ Centre was intended to be the jewel in the parish council’s crown. But just hours after opening, fish of all sizes were found to be ‘lifeless and somewhat pungent’, and PC Flegg suspects there could be foul play at work.

“Not a single haddock has survived, even ‘Harold’s Friendliest Cod’ was found dead”, revealed Flegg. “The only survivors are a turtle, five eels and a Blenny.”

Local expert Stephen Trawlerman has been called in to see if he can trace the mysterious killer of so many of Harold’s latest fish.

“I’ve seen some mysteries in my time”, said Trawlerman, “but this one’s really got me beat. Mother Nature can be raw in tooth and flipper.”

Trawlerman explained that any fish added to the tanks appeared perfectly healthy at first, flapping away and full of energy. But just a short while later, most were found to be quite dead. To the Fish Whisperer’s consternation, there was no obvious cause of death.

“It really is the strangest thing, there’s not a mark on any of them”, sighed Trawlerman. “Whatever’s killing them is doing so right underneath my nose, but there’s not a trace of evidence that I can stick on this silent killer.”

Trawlerman couldn’t find any evidence of bacteria in the tanks, and confirmed that the temperature was spot-on. “Whatever’s doing this, it’s definitely got the fish rattled”, said the cod psychologist. “It’s imperative that we crack this mystery soon.”

Can you help PC Flegg and Stephen Trawlerman solve “The Mystery of the Deadly Aquarium”? Follow TheEveningHarold on Facebook, and leave us your suggestions. PC Flegg hopes to reveal the culprit around 7pm on Sunday: if you get it right, you could win your very own bin-load of rotting ‘mystery fish’.

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